Audio mixer GA-AM Gretz Aero **USATO**

Audio mixer GA-AM Gretz Aero **USATO**

Audio mixer GA-AM Gretz Aero **USATO**

€ 120,00
€ 120,00


The Gretz Aero GA-AM Audio Mixer is a must have economical item if you have two or more audio sources in your aircraft. If you do not want to install a very costly and panel-space-hungry audio panel, the GA-AM is for you. The GA-AM is light, small and mighty for what it does. It can be mounted out of sight behind the panel in any convenient location with no clumsy modules to have to tie up into your wire harness. Up to nine audio sources can be fed into this device. All of the audio sources are wide range adustable for balance to your system. There is even a wide range output level adjust to make the GA-AM compatable with all intercoms without having to tinker with matching resistors. Just a few examples of these audio sources, but not limited to, could be; from your com radio, a second com radio, your nav radio, GPS, marker beacon, or warning tone devices. It is possible to arrange the GA-AM so you can have fail-safe audio output from your primary transceiver.You can even have music into your headset from your stereo CD player however it will be monaural . All that is needed is a music player like a portable CD player, an ipod, or stereo radio source. The two stereo channels are fed into the Audio Mixer by using two of the Audio Mixer's nine audio inputs.


The nine audio sources are correctly merged and summed by way of active electronics and then amplified into one output inside of the GA-AM Audio Mixer for direct output to headphones if desired, or to your choice of intercoms. Each source can be independently wide range adjusted for the desired volume level. The mixed audio output level is also wide range adjustable. Once the levels you want are set within the mixer, you can control the volume of each audio source with that device's volume control. --No panel switches or controls to clutter up your panel. However, if you do want to have audio switches on your panel for control of some inputs that is easy to do.


Even the 25 pin mating connector, and the easy to use and costly crimp-and-poke pins and mounting hardware are supplied with the GA-AM!


Some may wonder why an audio mixer is necessary. An audio mixer is necessary when two or more audio sources are summed into one to prevent distortion and/or load-down of one or more of the audio source devices. You cannot just wire all of the audio outputs together into one and expect it to work.


The GA-AM is designed to work with 12 volt and 24 colt systems.


The GA-AM comes with instructions for mounting and installation. All connections to the Audio Mixer are through a 25 pin sub-D connector with crimp and poke pins, which are supplied.