Landing light AveoMaxx nTso 12Vdc

Landing light AveoMaxx nTso 12Vdc

Landing light AveoMaxx nTso 12Vdc

€ 968,56
€ 968,56


La tecnologia AveoMaxx ™ dispone di una solida fonte di luce di stato, che integra i vantaggi di entrambe le tecnologie laser e LED. Un unico reticolo che da risultati struttura in emissione massima di superficie di un centimetro quadrato e massiccia sorgente LED - con conseguente luminosità uniforme e senza pari su tutto il circuito integrato del LED, superiore fino a 2500 lumen per chip.



AveoEngineering introduces the exclusive next-generation AveoMaxx™ landing/taxi/wigwag light module.


Unlike all the "Brand X" LED landing light products out there, which are just a collection of commercial TIR lenses placed over some industry standard single LEDs, the AveoMaxx™ is the world's first ultra-high power LED landing light module, incorporating the amazing Aveo MaxiChip™ light-emitting surface power and performance assembly.


Where is the difference?


The AveoMaxx™ technology features a solid state light source that integrates the benefits of both LED and laser technologies. A unique lattice structure results in maximum surface emission from a one square centimeter massive LED source - resulting in uniform and unequalled brightness over the entire LED chip face, exceeding up to 2500 lumens per chip. This optical power and brightness for the first time allows an LED-configured light to replace arc or halogen lamps in applications like landing lights, where arrays of traditional LEDs cannot. With an amazing lumen retention level of over 70% after 60,000 hours, and 100,000 hour design life, these lights will far exceed the lifetime of the aircraft.


AveoMaxx configuration incorporates the internal custom optic RockyReflector™ system


Taxi Light and WigWag function from the exclusive custom optics of a second proprietary RockyReflector™ module with 18 integral Hi-Power LEDs dedicated to these functions alone

Integral custom PowerOptimizer™ supply and AveoSmartController™ circuitry eliminates bulky external strobe or power boxes as pioneered only by Aveo in all of its products for more than 3 years

5 Options of heat pipe and heat sink integral to the housing for maximum operating efficiency

For inside-cowling or other location mounts, the AveoMaxx™ is an aerodynamically streamlined module that is versatile enough to be mounted in the optimum location for your particular aircraft.

In the cockpit, simply add Aveo RockRack™ led-backlit custom icon rocker switches for the ultimate control of your entire aircraft lighting system, with specific icon switches to control all functions

AveoMaxx™ features an adjustable tilt mounting system the AveoMaxx™ lights can be set to the optimal angles for your aircraft operating requirements with the simple turn of a screwdriver



Environmentally Friendly


The AveoMaxx™ uses far less power than competitive products illuminated by mercury-arc, high intensity discharge, or halogen lamps, which means they help to reduce air pollution from carbon emissions. Mercury and Lead-free, this RoHS compliant environmentally - friendly technology helps reduce power consumption and the amount of hazardous waste entering the environment. Finally, a "green" aircraft light!