Display GDU 700P,G700 TXi,BLACK,Standard

Display GDU 700P,G700 TXi,BLACK,Standard

Display GDU 700P,G700 TXi,BLACK,Standard

20.800,57 €
20.800,57 €



I display touchscreen LCD da 10,6 "e 7" luminosi e nitidi offrono la massima flessibilità del settore per adattarsi a una vasta gamma di configurazioni

Soddisfa i livelli di garanzia del software di livello A per gli aeromobili di classe 4 di Classe 23 (MTOW oltre 12.500 libbre) e 25

Si abbina ai navigatori della serie GTN ™ per offrire funzionalità del sistema di gestione del volo (FMS) come avviso sul terreno TAWS-A, avviso sulla risoluzione del traffico TCAS2 e navigazione verticale in discesa (VNAV)

Certificabile per operazioni WAAS LPV e Reduced Vertical Separation Miminum (RVSM)

La visione sintetica Garmin SVT sul PFD utilizza la tecnologia del database per rappresentare realisticamente dati del terreno, ostacoli, aeroporti e altro

I display di volo Business G700 TXi offrono la soluzione ideale per gli operatori di aeromobili commerciali e commerciali alla ricerca di mezzi pratici ed economici per aggiornare la loro avionica di generazione precedente a un vetro moderno e capace Questi display a stato solido altamente affidabili forniscono un'interfaccia touchscreen intuitiva per le ultime capacità che la nuova avionica di oggi può portare a bordo.


Glass Cockpit Retrofit Touchscreen Solutions

Bright, crisp 10.6” and 7” LCD touchscreen displays offer industry-leading flexibility to accommodate a wide range of configurations

Meets Level A software assurance levels for Part 23 Class 4 (MTOW more than 12,500 lbs) and Part 25 aircraft

Pairs with GTN™ series navigators to offer flight management system (FMS) capabilities and options such as TAWS-A terrain alerting, TCAS II traffic resolution advisories² and descent vertical navigation (VNAV)

Certifiable for WAAS LPV and Reduced Vertical Separation Miminum (RVSM) operations

Garmin SVT™ synthetic vision on the PFD uses database technology to realistically depict terrain data, obstacles, airports and more

For business and commercial aircraft operators seeking practical and cost-efficient means to upgrade their previous-generation avionics to a modern and capable glass cockpit system, our G700 TXi flight displays offer the ideal solution. These highly reliable solid-state displays provide an intuitive touchscreen interface for all the latest capabilities that today’s newest avionics can bring on board.


Going with Glass Just Got Easier

Meeting the higher assurance levels required for FAR Part 23 Class 4 and Part 25 aircraft, the bright, crisp G700 TXi displays feature powerful satellite-based NextGen navigation capabilities, digital flight management tools and graphical display technologies for enhanced safety and situational awareness. Reliable solid-state attitude/heading reference system (AHRS) sensors replace old-style, maintenance-prone mechanical gyros in the system — bringing added precision to flight instrumentation while helping to reduce overall life cycle costs, improve dispatch reliability and provide significant weight savings that can translate into additional load-carrying capability for the aircraft. Backed by our award-winning product support, G700 TXi makes it easy for the operator to extend the operational life and capabilities of their aircraft with the best in next-generation technology.


Right-sized Displays for Any Layout

Available in 7” portrait or landscape orientations — and in a larger 10.6” format — the G700 TXi displays are designed to meet a variety of panel space requirements. The 10.6” display accommodates primary flight instrumentation (PFD) and a multifunction display (MFD) within the same unit. The 7” portrait format can be dedicated to PFD or MFD functionality. And the 7” landscape format is configured to provide a dedicated stand-alone PFD.


State-of-the-art Touchscreen Technology

Leveraging the experience gained in designing and fielding thousands of integrated flight displays, Garmin engineers built the TXi series from the ground up. The displays feature an intuitive menu interface that lets pilots use familiar knobs and/or touchscreen inputs to quickly access the functions, screen views and other flight information. Powerful dual-core processors boost the system’s graphical display capabilities. Plus, modernized fonts and backlighting offer improved readability and increased display clarity to help lighten the in-flight visual workload.


HSI Mapping Helps Focus Pilot Scan

To provide even more situational awareness, G700 TXi includes HSI mapping capabilities that put an MFD-like perspective map view within the HSI portion of the PFD. In addition to the geographical map, the HSI map view can also support the overlay of NEXRAD imagery and weather inputs from ADS-B and SiriusXM® datalinks. Additional overlays include SafeTaxi® airport diagrams, ADS-B and active traffic, relative terrain and more.


HSI Mapping Helps Focus Pilot Scan

Synthetic Vision Comes Standard

Garmin SVT™ synthetic vision technology is a standard feature on G700 TXi systems. SVT provides a virtual perspective view of ground and water features, obstacles and traffic¹ shown in relative proximity to your aircraft. So, rather than looking at the PFD, pilots have a sense of looking through it, to “see” what lies beyond the nose of the aircraft. SVT clearly enhances the pilot’s view of primary flight data by giving it a realistic visual frame of reference — especially in solid IFR or nighttime/marginal VFR conditions.


High-level Avionics Integration

G700 TXi was designed to interface with a wide range of existing avionics equipment, allowing opertors to retain existing relevant avionics systems for a more cost-effective upgrade path. In some installations, separate PFD controllers may also be available to provide additional control redundancy of PFD settings. G700 TXi also offers advanced integration capability with GTN series navigators, providing full touchscreen continuity between the navigation, communication and flight display functions in the panel. This GTN pairing also supports full flight management system (FMS) capabilities — with RVSM-certifiable reference data enabling full operational access to the more restrictive upper flight levels.


Connext® Cockpit Connectivity

For even more functionality, team our G700 TXi displays with a GTN 650/750 series navigator and our Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway¹. This setup enables our Connext wireless cockpit connectivity, which lets pilots stream information in real time between the avionics and compatible mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot™, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go apps. Pilots can use their mobile devices to create flight plans in the crew lounge or wherever it’s convenient, and then easily transfer the data to the avionics once they get to the aircraft. They can also wirelessly stream weather, traffic, attitude information and more from their avionics to their compatible mobile devices³. Plus, by using Database Concierge via Flight Stream 510, pilots can wirelessly transfer aviation databases downloaded to Garmin Pilot on their mobile devices to the GTN 750/650 and G700 TXi system in the aircraft.


Dynamic Maps and Charts

On the G700 TXi moving map display, pilots can easily view terrain features, cities, airports, airspace boundaries, navaids, flight plan routings and more — with an aircraft reference symbol overlaid on their current position. In addition, the FliteCharts® database or optional Jeppesen® ChartView™ version can provide georeferenced approach plates and procedures, with TXi giving pilots the ability to view either format at any time during the flight.


Dynamic Maps and Charts

Add Weather, Traffic and Other Options

G700 TXi seamlessly integrates with a variety of available sensors and datalinks to support the latest weather and traffic monitoring capabilities. Our Doppler-capable GWX™ 75 onboard color radar features a reliable, solid-state design as well as optional turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression capabilities. For flying in the U.S., our GTX™ 345 series all-in-one ADS-B transponders provide easy access to subscription-free ADS-B weather and advanced dual-link traffic services. Plus, by installing a GDL® 69A satellite receiver with your system, you can add ground-and-airborne-accessible SiriusXM satellite weather and audio entertainment channels to the mix (subscriptions required). For a worldwide datalink solution, our GSR 56 receiver provides weather data and radar imagery — as well as voice calling and text messaging capabilities — through the Iridium® global satellite network. Plus, for even more advanced traffic surveillance in high-density airspace, G700 TXi integrates with select TAS, TCAS I or TCAS II systems, including our GTS™ family of traffic surveillance products. As a growth function, select G700 TXi displays will support TCAS II resolution advisories (RAs)2.