Garmin GPS 20A ricevitore GPS WAAS

Garmin GPS 20A ricevitore GPS WAAS

Garmin GPS 20A ricevitore GPS WAAS

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Garmin GPS 20A ricevitore ADSB


Garmini ha annunciato il GPS 20A, un ADS-B Out conforme con i sistemi di posizione WAAS GPS e adatto per i veivoli experimental amateur-built (EAB) e light sport aircraft (LSA). Per i proprietari di aerei sperimentali che hanno già un Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) trasponder come il GTX 23ES, il non certificato 20A GPS fornisce un semplice e compatibile ricevitore di posizione WAAS, che soddisfa i requisiti di prestazione TSO previsti dalla FAA e EASA .



Garmin GPS 20A receiver ADSB


Garmin announced the GPS 20A, an ADS-B Out compliant WAAS GPS position source for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA). For experimental aircraft owners that already have a Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder such as the GTX 23ES, the non-certified GPS 20A provides aircraft owners with a simple, rule-compliant WAAS

position source, which meets the TSO performance requirements set forth by the FAA and EASA.


GPS 20A ADS-B WAAS Position Source

The GPS 20A provides thousands of experimental amateur-built and LSA customers with a simple, low- cost ADS-B Out position source. Highly accurate WAAS/SBAS position information is provided by the

GPS 20A and is compatible with a wide range of 1090 ES transponders, so customers have an economical path to meet the ADS-B Out position requirements of 14 CFR 91.227. Aircraft owners looking for a simple path to compliance are provided a timely solution that meets the necessary performance requirements.

Garmin and G3X Touch customers who have incorporated the GTX 23ES Mode S transponder or a

GTX 330ES transponder in their EAB/LSA aircraft, can easily install the GPS 20A by connecting a single RS-232 interface to provide Garmin ADS-B data to the transponder to make their system ADS-B Out compliant. The GPS 20A communicates with all installed G3X and G3X Touch displays to provide a source of high quality WAAS GPS data to the system.

The GPS 20A may also be paired with compatible third-party Mode S transponders. Additionally, a secondary interface can optionally provide industry standard GPS data to third-party systems, which can be utilized as a highly accurate WAAS GPS data source.

The GPS 20A is not an FAA/EASA-approved product and thus is not eligible for installation in certified aircraft.


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