Modulo GAD 27 per G3X Touch

Modulo GAD 27 per G3X Touch

Modulo GAD 27 per G3X Touch

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774,70 €


Modulo GAD per G3X Touch

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Il GAD 27 è un controller di piccole dimensioni, leggero e a stato solido che fornisce una soluzione a molte esigenze tipiche della struttura dell'aereo.

Con GAD 27 i piloti sono forniti di un sistema completo, che altrimenti richiederebbe più moduli adattatori, il quale semplifica la configurazione del sistema elettrico negli aerei light sport aircraft (LSA) e amateur-built (EAB).

Le sue funzionalità avanzate includono un sistema per il controllo flap programmabile, più uscite per l'illuminazione strumenti, trim mixer per pilota e co-pilota,controlli per luci taxi e landing compreso lampeggiante automatico,stabilizzatore di tensione e ingressi digitali aggiuntivi.

Queste caratteristiche fornite dal GAD 27 danno ai piloti ulteriori opzioni di configurazione tra i vari sistemi, ulteriori funzioni attraverso il sistema G3X touch , semplificando il processo di installazione.


Dimensioni: 3.78"W x 3.57"H x 6.53"D (9.6 x 9.1 x 16.6 cm); incluso il kit connettori

Peso: 0.97 lbs (0.44 kg) con connettori

Alimentazione in ingresso: 14 VDC



The GAD 27 is a small, lightweight and solid state integrated controller that provides a solution to many of the typical airframe interfacing needs. With the GAD 27, pilots are provided a consolidated system that would otherwise require multiple adapter modules, which streamlines configuration of their experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA). Enhanced capabilities include a programmable flap controller, multiple lighting bus outputs, pilot/co-pilot trim mixing, taxi and landing light control options including automatic flashing, a voltage stabilizer and additional discrete inputs. These features are enabled by the GAD 27 adapter and give pilots additional configuration options among various systems and functions via the G3X Touch system, streamlining the installation process.


Programmable Flap Controller

Discrete flap positions are easily programmed from the G3X Touch display to conveniently control the flap motor and to automatically drive the flaps to pre-programmed positions based on pilot input. Additionally, with airspeed inhibit, the system also helps protect the airframe by preventing inadvertent flap deployment at high airspeeds.


Programmable Lighting Circuits

The addition of one to three dimmer knobs provide input to the GAD 27 and can be mapped to any of the six configurable lighting circuits, offering additional lighting options when configuring a G3X Touch installation. Pilots may assign specific dimming functions to individual knobs, which are all programmed on the G3X Touch display. Preset lighting options, including avionics lights, map lights, interior light circuits and more, are all pilot-configurable for installation and operational convenience.


Wig-Wag Lights

For added visibility in-flight and within the terminal environment, the GAD 27 provides configuration of the landing and taxi lighting system via the G3X Touch flight display. Compatible with many types of light installations including HID and LED, the GAD 27 offers optional control to alternate the landing and taxi lights, commonly referred to as “wig-wag” lighting, which can be switch activated or automatically turned on/off based on airspeed. Pilots may also configure a warm-up time before starting the wig-wag function to protect lamps that require a warm-up period, such as HID plasma lamps.


Voltage Stabilizer

Essential avionics receive stable power during engine start without the need for a back-up battery when integrating the GAD 27 adapter into a new or existing avionics installation. Sufficient power is provided to operate a single G3X Touch display, ADAHRS module and engine interface module with probes. Pilots and operators may still wish to include a back-up battery for redundancy purposes.


Aircraft Trim Switch Mixing

The GAD 27 accepts trim switch inputs from both the pilot and co-pilot controls to provide trim mixing capability. Switches used on the pilot/co-pilot controls are connected to simple discrete inputs and no longer supply trim motor power or control relays.


Dimension:s: 3.78"W x 3.57"H x 6.53"D (9.6 x 9.1 x 16.6 cm); including connector kit

Weight: 0.97 lbs (0.44 kg) with connector

Input Voltage: 14 VDC



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