PMA6000B-Opt 2 4-place mono intercom, split coms, speaker amp No Marker

PMA6000B-Opt 2 4-place mono intercom, split coms, speaker amp No Marker

PMA6000B-Opt 2 4-place mono intercom, split coms, speaker amp No Marker

1.403,00 €
1.403,00 €



Il pannello audio con il costo più basso del mondo e certificato FAA. Con interfono integrato e ricevitore opzionale Marker Beacon. Dotato di 4 posti mono con il nostro famoso circuito manuale VOX "impostare e dimenticare ".


World's lowest cost FAA certified audio panel. With integrated intercom and optional marker beacon receiver. Sporting a 4-place mono intercom with our famous "Set it and Forget it" manual VOX circuit.

PS Engineering has revolutionized audio control in general aviation airplanes. At that time, the original PMA6000 took the audio panel from a collection of switches added as an afterthought, to a multitalented intersystem focal point for cockpit audio. 

Radio selection, cockpit communications and even music were seamlessly combined in the modern audio control panel. The PMA6000-series set a benchmark for all GA audio panels that followed.

The next generation PMA6000B has been given the benefit of PS Engineering's 15 years of audio panel control design and manufacturing experiences. It offers a low cost alternative to the  more capable audio panel product line that the industry has become to expect from such a focused driven company. 

The PMA6000B combines an audio selector panel with a top-quality manually adjusted VOX intercom and a slew of features to enhance versatility and utility.

Checklist of Capabilities:

Built-in 4 place mono intercom PS Engineering's "Set-it and Forget-it" manual VOX

Optional built-in marker beacon receiver.

Split mode for dual audio capability

2 - Com Capability

3 - Intercom isolation modes - Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew

2 - Music inputs with Soft Mute™

2 - Unswitched inputs

6 - Switched inputs

A patented "swap" function allows selection of Com 1 or Com 2 from remote pushbutton

Fail-safe feature automatically hard-wires the pilot to Com1 in the case of an outage

Uses a single 44-pin connector making installation easier.

The PMA6000B holds both FAA TSO as well as EASA ETSO and was designed to be made easier to install because of a single 44-pin Sub-d connector.