RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console

RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console

RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console

1.793,40 €
1.793,40 €


RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console


La nostra RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console è la miglior console disponibile per RV-10. Caratteristiche che differenziano la nostra console:

La fibra di carbonio che rende la consolle sia più forte che più leggera

Il nostro processo di progettazione e di fabbricazione produrrà una calzata più precisa, che quasi non necessità di levigatura e taglio.

Una speciale guarnizione costruita nel canale evita che l'aria passi tra le cuciture del pannello di accesso.


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Our RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console is now available for purchase. The following photos are of our first production overhead console. We still need to add access panels, weather stripping, and the clothes hanger, but want to get these photos as soon as possible. As you can see, the fit is perfect.

We understand that our RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Console isn't the least expensive option available. We do believe that it is the best overhead console that is available for the RV-10. Features that differentiate our overhead console from our competitors are:

Carbon Fiber makes the overhead console both stronger and lighter in weight. We'll have the exact weight posted shortly, but it is estimated to be at least ten times lighter than another vendor's fiberglass overhead.

Our design and manufacturing process will yield a more precise fit. As you can see in these photos, there is almost no sanding and trimming required to install the overhead console.

A special built in channel and weather stripping will prevent air from coming through around the access panel seams. If you talk to others that have installed a competitive product, most will tell you that the access panels aren't very well sealed.

A built in clothes hanger that you can easily hang clothes, without having to perform unnatural acts to get the hangar hung.

Weighs just under 3.5lbs.